How It Works

We begin with a free consultation so that we can meet and you can let us know your most immediate concerns. If you decide to work with us, you we begin with a series of assessments to determine reading levels, reading strengths and areas of challenge. In order to get a complete view of your child’s abilities, we conduct a comprehensive assessment; we examine phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding skills, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing skills.

In order to create an individualized program based on your child’s needs, as well as interests, we conduct interests and motivation surveys as well. Please note that assessments can be administered over a period of days if necessary.

Once the assessments are completed, you will receive a report of findings, and a description of how we will proceed. Usually, two sessions of fifty minutes per week are recommended. Each session typically includes reading aloud, review of skills and activities that were learned in the previous session, and then learning a new skill or concept, followed by a variety of activities that allow students to practice the skill they have learned.