Marcy Sproull

I love teaching, and I love to read. So, becoming a reading specialist was a perfect fit for me. I have been teaching in various capacities for over 15 years; in special day classes, programs for adults with disabilities and college reading classes.

My other career is acupuncture, and I have been practicing for over 16 years. I work with children with developmental challenges and focus issues, and with adults with a variety of conditions. I am constantly finding new ways to integrate and apply what I have learned in my holistic healing journeys to my teaching practices, such as mindfulness in reading and learning.

In my free time, I enjoy writing, performing music, and poetry, playing the piano, and of course, reading! I am currently working on recording a collection of spoken word and music pieces.

I look forward to working with you or your child on a journey to greater academic success, insightful reading, and inspired learning.